I began my career 24 years ago in Cape Town, South Africa, where I was born and raised. 

From a young age I always knew that I wanted a career in art or design. After exploring my tertiary education options, I studied for 4 years and qualified as a Jewellery Designer and Manufacturer.

I started an independent jewellery workshop, manufacturing bespoke pieces for local jewellers as well as producing collections for well known designers. 

In my late twenties, I had the urge to travel. After exploring Europe, I settled in the Italian jewellery hub town of Valenza, where I learnt new skills in Italian jewellery workshops.

Family roots brought me to London, where I met my husband and raised our two beautiful children.

I feel so fortunate to do what I utterly love, and never forget the words a client once said to me:

"It must be so rewarding giving joy"